Why You Should Ignore Most Online Dating Advice

As the old saying goes, “You can’t believe everything that you read.” Even though this pithy adage has been around for many years, it is as true today as it was on the day it was first uttered. With the invention of the Internet, nearly anyone can share information and appear to be an expert on just about any topic. When it comes to dating advice online, you may be surprised to know that much of it is worthless or inaccurate information that should be ignored.

The Internet allows a person to present themselves as an authority, even though he or she may have very little knowledge or experience in the area. Most people who write online dating and relationship advice are not experts in the field of dating at all. Of course, there is really no way to know for sure who is writing when you read online dating advice.

The best dating advice will almost always come from someone that knows your specific situation, not some online “expert” who knows nothing about you at all. Everything that you read on the Internet is something that stems from one person’s own interpretation of how things are, or should be. While that person has a specific history and background that causes them to write in a certain way, it is generalized information that almost certainly has nothing to do with your specific situation or your dating/love life.

For that reason, you should almost always favor the advice of the people that are involved with your life and know you personally.

Some of the online dating advice that you read may just be from someone who has been frustrated by the dating scene. Often, people who are frustrated with dating turn to the Internet to vent. You may think you are reading a well reasoned and thought out piece of advice, when in reality, you may be reading someone’s twisted or corrupt ideas about dating that are influenced by a bad relationship or dating experience.

Like anything else in life, you cannot believe everything that you read. This is especially true when it concerns advice that might influence your life decisions. Use common sense and discernment as you read and try to sort out the fact from the fiction, the good advice from the bad. It is generally best to seek out the advice of your close friends or family, rather than that of someone you don’t even know.

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