The Other Gate-keeping

Usually, when we talk about gate-keeping here, we mean a woman who is limiting sex. She guards the gate to what her husband wants, and he only gets in on the rare occasions she allows it. In really bad cases he hasn’t gotten past the gate in months or years. 

But gate-keeping is done in other areas of marriage, and men do it too!

The Other Gatekeeping

Plenty of women would say their husband is the gate-keeper of conversation in their marriage. Others would say he’s controlling access to date-nights, non-sexual touch, finances, and more.

Are you limiting something your wife would like more of? Just as I tell women about sex, the fact that she has stopped asking doesn’t mean the lack is no longer a problem; it just means she has figured out you don’t care enough to give her what she needs.

If you’re doing any gate-keeping, please consider becoming generous in that area. If you guard the gate then you have the power to show her sacrificial love.

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