Social Relationship Helps You Bring Closer with the society

Social relationship means a relation between groups of people or a relation between an individual and a group of people. This group implies an ethnic or kinship group, a social institution or organization, a social class, gender, nation etc.

Max Weber was obsessed with the possibility, the necessity, of analyzing social relationship scientifically. Social Relationship is mainly of two kinds: Primary and Secondary. A primary group is a small social group where the member shares a close, personal and enduring relationship. In this group the member’s are concern for one another and they share their activities and culture. It plays an important role in developing personal identity. A primary group shares caring, love, concern support etc. Social Relationship that is formed in the primary group is ever-lasting and goals in themselves. They always try and provide encouragement and a source of support to the individual. During any crisis these Primary group plays an important role for the individual, it not only help them emotionally. It is like a backbone support for an individual.

A Secondary group is a larger group than primary group. Relationship takes place on a personal level. In a Secondary group their relationships are temporary and are not long-lasting. Secondary group are based on activities and interest. Secondary group shares a formal relationship.

Social scientists have studied the different distinct features of social connection that is offered by relationship. If a person is socially isolated than it is referred to the relative absence of Social relationship. Social integration is referred to the involvement with the informal Social relationship example: having spouse, and with the formal Social relationship example: relationship with the religious institution and volunteer organizations. The quality of a relationship involves positive aspects of relationship, such as emotional support by the loved ones, and negative aspects of a relationship, such as conflict and stress. Social networks are the web of Social relationship which is surrounded by an individual and in particular, structural features, as the type and strength of each Social relationship. People with adequate Social relationship have a greater likelihood of survival. Social relationship gives people the strength to live their life happily. It even affects the health and mind of a person. Social relationship has given people the strength to stand together and leave in peace and harmony in society.

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