Senior Dating Tips: Afraid Of Being Forever Alone?

Do you know a person who can’t seem to get a year without a boyfriend each month? Have you ever heard of someone who kept on staying on a sour relationship? There might be something wrong with these people. You’re right, they have a fear of being alone called anuptaphobia.

Some people tend to settle into any relationship than having none at all. There are some senior singles who are into this. This kind of relationship is unhealthy emotionally, physically and mentally. For those of you who had this kind of idealism, then here are some tips on how you can overcome it.

1. Nobody to embrace and cuddle at night. If you are used to having someone in bed with you, then it could be a huge change for you if you go to bed without one. It may seem like no big deal, but for people who are used to it they are affected one way or the other. A bed friend has some of it’s benefits. Especially on those chilly, winter weathers when you have a human jacket with you. It’s seems more warm and comforting than sleeping alone ain’t it?

Now when your partner is away, give your cuddles to someone else: your pet, family, friends, collegues at work. Believe it or not, hugging has it’s benefits. It can help to reduce blood pressure so restricting yourself to one hugging buddy might be not good for you.

2. No automatic backups. For most people, having a partner is like a social crutch. Meaning that this person is the one you’ll drag instantly into events, parties and other engagement. They are your instant excuse when you get to leave early or get bored in a party. They are the ones who will take you home when you are too invalid to drive yourself. If you are used to this kind of instant company wherever you may go then going home alone is quite terrifying.

Remember, being single allows for social freedom. When you have someone with you at a party, you tend to just stick to them and not talk or mingle with others. Go out, enjoy the night and stop worrying.

3. Maybe I can’t find someone else. This is one of those negative mindset that can make a negative impact on your dating life. Many would rather stick in a bad relationship than venture out. Most people would even stay in a stagnant relationship rather than being alone and single. You might think that you might take too long to find your next partner.

Many people find the concept of loneliness terrifying but it should not stop you from having a healthy and functional relationship. Find a suitable date, make everything worthwhile. Live in the moment and stop thinking about all negative stuff. This is a challenge that you have to overcome for yourself.

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