Relationship Problems – Finding Solutions

The distinction between a healthy relationship and an unhappy relationship is often determined by how well the couple can handle their relationship problems during their most difficult moments.

As stress builds, and as conflicts rise, all relationships are tested. But with the proper mindset, and with genuine respect for one another, those tensions can be soothed, and the relationship can be strengthened.
A proper mindset begins with a commitment to responsibility, accountability, and emotional maturity. It is also about trust. These are the building blocks of a healthy relationship, and the foundation for the replacement of conflict and hostility with harmony and respect.
As a starting point, ask yourself a basic question.

“Am I so passionate about winning that I am prepared to end our relationship?”

Has winning at any cost become more important to you than the original problem? Can you let go of this conflict and move forward?

Relationships problems can be solved if the couple is willing to work together towards a resolution. By following these 7 relationship rules, you can discover for yourself a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.

1. Listen to what your partner has to say. A relationship is not a competition. When you listen, you can begin to find common ground.

2. Don’t blame your partner for all of your frustrations. While the relationship itself may well be a source of aggravation, don’t allow outside frustrations to undermine your relationship. It’s as simple as communicating. Replace blaming with sharing and expect an immediate boost in your relationship.

3. Deal in the present. Resentment for what occurred in the past only adds negative to an unhealthy relationship. Avoid placing blame for what occurred in the past and concentrate on solving the relationship problems of the present.

4. Do not allow pointless arguments to drain the life from your relationship. Discard that which is meaningless, and concentrate only on those relationship problems that must be resolved.

5. Forgive your partner. Love is hollow without forgiveness. Accept your partner’s weaknesses along with his strengths. Refuse to allow resentment to overpower forgiveness.

6. Learn when to let it go. Some issues are just not important enough to continue. Most relationship problems can be resolved through compromise. If you cannot find common ground on a particular issue, ask yourself if it is worth ruining the relationship over. If not, give it up.

7. Above all else – place the relationship first. You and your partner are not competitors. Respect your partner’s viewpoints, always looking for the solution. You might well be amazed at the results!

Relationship problems are not insurmountable once couples can embrace mutual respect. True respect is built on the willingness to listen rather than to speak. Trust is about honest communication without fear. Trust is the foundation of love.

Respect your partner, and respect that sometimes it is acceptable to agree to disagree and to move on. By releasing the past and looking forward to the hope of the future, even challenging problems can serve to build and strengthen your relationship.

Having faced and survived hardships and adversities of her own, Kelly Bowman has since devoted years of her life to learning how best to help others with similar challenges. From a relationship breakup to emotional pain, Kelly understands that sometimes the most important thing for healing is an inspiring word, a thoughtful passage, or the understanding of someone who has already been there.


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