Knowing When to End Your Relationship

Entering into a relationship where a real commitment is being made can be a very big step for anyone. Most couples begin their lives together optimistically; full of love and hope for the future and certainly without much, if any, thought to the idea of ever splitting apart.

While there are many people who find making a commitment to another person one of the easiest things in the world, others struggle greatly and may feel afraid of the consequences of such an agreement. Whether you’re one extreme or the other, after a long enough period of time it can be difficult to see your relationship objectively, however boldly or timidly you entered into it.

Knowing when it’s time to call it quits, or whether your relationship just needs some serious attention, can be a difficult decision. When there is no particular action that has taken place that would make splitting up almost necessary it can be even harder.

Even those individuals who are experiencing doubt about the future of their relationships may still have very strong feelings about their partner. This conflict can make it easier to completely ignore the problem rather than forcing yourself to face facts and possibly hurt the person you care about.

Depending upon the length and intensity of your relationship, a break up often requires a lot of time and a great deal of effort. Though you may not be able to speak with your partner rationally about your reasons for wanting to be apart it often helps both people to recover if it’s possible.

A relationship that is problematic can still be fixed if both people are willing to work on it. Determining whether or not both partners are willing and able to put in the effort it will take to fix the problems can be a bit of a challenge.

Letting your partner know that you feel your relationships is in jeopardy at a time when you can both sit down and take a few minutes to talk is probably the first necessary step. If after revealing your concerns, you find that your partner feels similarly it is very likely that the two of you can begin reconstructing your relationship for the better.

When one person in a relationship does not admit or recognize the problems that the other partner has brought to the table finding solutions can be nearly impossible. It is essential to any healthy relationship that each partner be able to see their partner’s side of an argument, or point of view. This ability will allow for greater understanding in almost any situation.

Wrap Up:

* Determine whether or not your relationship is in trouble

* Choose a time when you and your partner have a chance to discuss without interruptions

* Explain your feelings to your partner

* Allow your partner to explain how they feel

* Determine whether or not both you and your partner are willing and able to put in the effort to make your relationship a better one.

* If you believe that seeing a therapist might help you through this difficult time be sure to let your partner know that you would love help so that they understand your willingness to move in a positive direction.

Unfortunately not all relationships can be saved. Some individuals are just too different to live together in harmony, while others simply include a person who is unwilling, or incapable, of compromise. Though coming to the conclusion that your relationship is over is no picnic it does not have to be a negative force on your life. Going through the experience itself will no doubt add some pain and stress to our life, however making a change in your life that you believe will ultimately have a positive effect is nothing to shy away from.

Because so many relationships include a great deal of passion and feeling, drama is not often far behind. Though many couple try to exclude unnecessary tension that may only be enhanced by creating more dramatic scenes, it is at times inevitable. Knowing that people do experience these kinds of overreactions, it is important to be sure about your decisions before you take any action that will have a long-term consequence.

If the choice still seems unclear to you after reviewing many of your options about breaking up or saving your relationship it may help you to pinpoint some common issues which can seldom be corrected in relationships. These actions often either cause an ending, or lay the foundation for one later on. If you have experienced anything on this list, you may not be able to save your relationship:

Firm Reasons For breaking it off:

* Abuse of any kind whether current or in the past: Even if the abuse has stopped and your partner is seeking help you are not obligated to forgive their mistake just because you care for them.

* Cheating or being cheated on: In either case trust may never be rebuilt and though a person may try to forgive this kind of mistake it often allows for other problems to leak in.

* Talking to yourself: If every time you try to explain your point of view your partner is incapable of understanding what you mean you may never be able to work out even the tiniest of problems.

* Sever clash on religion and/or politics: Though some people find the opposing sides of such topics to exciting to include in their relationship, most couples find this a constant source of tension and are unable to agree to disagree.

* Disagree about family: Right or wrong when one person wants to have a family and the other does not it can make the relationship horrible. However much two people may be in love asking a person to have or forgo having children is a huge commitment.

* My true love is out there: For some the decision to breakup isn’t because of some significant event, but a realization that a deeper love and connection is what you long for and will never achieve in your current relationship.

In some cases an exact reason may not be present for why a relationship needs to end and it may still be necessary. Though giving up on anything that becomes a little difficult isn’t the most courageous way to live, when it comes to feelings there are often complications beyond understanding and that far surpass a scale of bravery or cowardice.

It is often best to give your feelings some extra time and thought rather than trusting a gut reaction; however if after a time you feel strongly enough about what you need to do, you must move forward and face the challenges in order to have the happy life you desire.

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