Her Sexuality Is Hidden Literally and Figuratively

Have you noticed your sexual bits are out front and clearly visible, while hers are not? I mean yeah, her breasts are all out there, but her genitals are pretty well hidden even when she’s naked. You can only get a good look if she shows herself to you.

Her Sexuality Is Hidden Literally and Figuratively

What is true of the physical here is also true of the emotional. Your sexuality is all out there, hers is not. You’re ready at the drop of a hat blouse, she needs far more. When you’re aroused it’s very obvious, while her arousal is hidden.

I think God did this to help us understand the differences in male and female sexuality. If we assume her mental sexuality works very much like her physical we will find sex easier. This is especially true when it comes to getting her to open herself up to you. Just as she was shy about spreading her legs and giving you a long look early on, so too was she shy about showing you the mental and emotional aspects of her sexuality. Nagging might get her to begrudgingly show her body, but it won’t get her to reveal the emotional and mental parts of sex you really want to explore with her.

If you’ve ever been too fast or pushy with her sexuality (and that is probably all of us) please ask her to forgive you for. Even if it was a long time ago, telling her you get it and you’re sorry will make her feel better.

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