Having an Open Relationship

Are you ready to have an open relationship?

Do know what it will ask of you emotionally to have an open relationship?

In many open relationships the first relationship is the primary and other relationships evolves around it.

Family feelings

For many couple who have an open relationship does not feel threaten because they hold on to a family life where none of their friends or family may know about their sexual life.

The other people who are lovers most of the time in an open relationship do not live with the couple.

Who are you pleasing

Having an open relationship is not for everyone because not many people believe it is good for the couple.

Not everyone thinks that it is morally good.

Who are you pleasing when you decide to have an open relationship yourself, your partner or your family tradition?

Emotionally comfortable

If you do not feel that you will be jealous seeing your partner with another person and that you will be emotionally comfortable then your chance of success in an open relationship is higher than most people.

Secondary relationships which are relationships outside of the marriage sometimes are not so clear although you may have rules or agreements because people have conflicts and their emotions cannot be control about who to fall in love with.


Having an open relationship may demand from you to be more flexible and open to different people’s vibrations and needs which may not be the same as yours.

It may ask of you to do thing that you never did, it may ask of you to hold back on your emotions and not allow yourself to get too involve in case you fall in love with another.

It may ask of you to get along and work as a team and not the primary person in the relationship.


For some people who get into an open relationship create rules meaning they will go as a couple only and they may agree to have one couple at a time or more than one.

They may also agree to no contact outside the agreed place they meet as a couple.

Others agree to have an open relationship as a single person and agree to not talk about their other relationships outside of the home.
Their partners may know about the other relationships and they both agree to have rules so that things are clear.

Feeling secure

If feeling secure in a relationship is your number one priority then an open relationship maybe too confronting for you if sharing your partner is difficult for you.

Freedom is important

If freedom is important to you and commitment to one person may make you feel tie down then having an open relationship you may consider much easier.

Your life style

There are many different types of open relationship and some may not fit with your beliefs and your life style knowing yourself and your need can give you more insights to what is best for you.

Part of your needs can be the feeling of honesty, the desire for privacy or not sharing with a group and to have your partners share the same thinking.

Conclusion : Having an open relationship as a life style is not for everyone and there are many things to considered before entering into this way of living.

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