6 Steps to Follow When Fixing an Unhealthy Relationship

If you want to repair an unhealthy relationship, you should find the real cause of the problem, accept that you should do something, learn to forgive, overcome destructive behaviors, absorb healthy relationship habits, and move forward as a couple.

Nobody wants to be in an unhealthy relationship. A negative relationship can cause much stress on the people involved. However, not all unhealthy relationships are hopeless cases. The best relationship advice for men who are dealing with an unhealthy relationship is to try to fix it. To make things work out for your relationship, follow these guidelines:

Identify the underlying issues

Some couples might already have an idea of what’s really going on in their relationship while others have to spend time to discuss and discover where things went wrong. What is essential is discovering the fundamental cause of the problem and not just the effects. For example, you might be disappointed with your partner because of the lack of quality time together, but this may not simply be the problem. The underlying cause might be that you are insecure about the relationship and simply need more assurance from your partner.

Accept that you should do something

Once you find out the underlying cause, don’t use it as a reason to be angry or an opportunity to blame your partner. Instead, learn to take responsibility. Accept the fact that there is something wrong with the relationship and that you may have done something directly or indirectly that made it that way. Most importantly, learn to accept that there is still hope for your relationship and that you can do something to make it work.


Forgiving is an essential stage to fixing the relationship. If you keep holding on to the negative feelings you have against your partner, you will not be able to come up with a clear solution to all your issues. It might take some time to completely heal emotionally, but when you have a forgiving spirit you are making significant progress towards recovery.

Overcome all of your negative behaviors

Relationships can be destroyed physically or psychologically by destructive behaviors that everyone has. Reflect and assess what destructive behaviors you have that are causing problems to the relationship and straining you and your partner. Devote enough time to discover the reasons of why you do the negative habits and convince yourself to stop doing them.

Absorb healthy relationship habits

After you get rid of your bad behaviors, replace them with habits that will have a positive effect on your relationship. Positive habits can include kind and loving deeds or simply adopting a positive outlook towards the relationship. The bottom line is that you cultivate trust and start supportive habits that are conducive to developing a healthy relationship.

Move on with your partner

The previous steps should have given you enough time to gain new insights and dispel negative thoughts and actions from your life. The final and most important step now is to move on together with your partner to a new phase in your relationship. Avoid digging up your past mistakes and faults but learn from all of them. Look at this stage as a time to start anew and tend a healthy relationship.

Having a positive mindset and devoting enough time can help work out an unhealthy relationship.


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