10 Men Tell Us The Weirdest Part Of Having A Penis

Having a dong could be weird sometimes- like having a natural toy in childhood and a baby-creator all your life! But amidst all the jacking off and your sessions of peeing, ever wondered how strange it is to have something down there? That hangs, gets bigger with time (sometimes randomly) and even gets to a point that your girl loves fondling with it (and you love her for doing it). We asked 10 men about what makes them feel weird about having a wee wee and here’s what they said!

1. Mr. Send Me A Text, 23 yrs

“I could be sitting on a couch, sipping on a cup of coffee and staring at the ocean from my living room window. And there! A fucking boner!!! Like whatsapp me, iMessage me or at least send me a postcard? Just stop staring at me randomly with that uncircumcised head. It’s so embarrassing and weird if people are around. But it’s fun otherwise. :P” –

2. Mr. Sexist, 24 yrs

“Imagine having a living being hanging down there. Sorry, but it’s probably weirder than seeing a baby come out of your vagina.” 

Men Tell Us The Weirdest Part Of Having A Penis© MensXP, Samiksha Sharma

3. Mr. Get Out Of The Closet, 26 yrs

“Just because I have a penis, I hate how I’m naturally expected to shove it in and not receive the favour in return. Why can’t I get pegged, why does that make me gay? That’s so weird.” 

4. Mr. In Everyone’s Pants, 22 yrs

“Imagine having something that you can stuff every where. And with exceptional, unparalleled pleasure. Like YAASSSSS. But stick to your girl’s holes, not hose pipes and weird stuff like that.” 

Men Tell Us The Weirdest Part Of Having A Penis© MensXP, Samiksha Sharma

5. Mr. Gravity, 27 yrs

“I feel the baggage of extra weight on my body sometimes. When I’m naked, just standing in the shower, it feels like there’s an entity that’s pulling me down. It’s nothing, just my penis! It’s unexplainable but you feel a weird pull.” 

6. Mr. Give Me Justice, 24 yrs

“The weirdest and most annoying part about having a penis is the fact that it doesn’t grow in size with your food intake. Boobs grow bigger as the girl gets fatter, why can’t the same happen with our dicks? How can life be so unfair?” 

Men Tell Us The Weirdest Part Of Having A Penis© MensXP, Samiksha Sharma

7. Mr. Small Penis (for sure), 23 yrs

“I dislike the feeling of something growing in size with my nervous system. Why can’t it be 8 inches at all times? Or stay a shrivelled 2 inches all our lives. It’s so weird to have something enlarge randomly.” 

8. Mr. Always Hard, 25 yrs

“Isn’t this retarded- a stick-like thing hardening on your body when you find someone attractive. Like WTF, so fucking weird.” 

Men Tell Us The Weirdest Part Of Having A Penis© MensXP, Samiksha Sharma

9. Mr. Vegetables No-No, 24 yrs

“I have a penis and my girlfriend still shoves cucumbers up her vajay. Like really, stop body shaming me, I ain’t that bad. It could be for self-pleasure, but the feeling that you’re probably not satisfying enough is weird.”

10. Mr. Best Friend Goals, 28 yrs

“You’re never lonely. And a penis is the best company to have!” 


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